Lantana Ranch – Chandler, AZ

    Lantana Ranch comprises of a small, distinguished community located in the Southeastern Phoenix suburb of Chandler, Arizona. The ranch is a master planned community that is bordered by Ocotillo Road to the South, McQueen Road to the West and Appleby Road to the North where the Chandler Municipal Airport also borders.

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    This ranch has apartments, condominiums, and also single-family houses, the homes can also be used as vacation homes. The houses and homes are popular because the designs reflect quality and style.

    Lantana Ranch Schools

    There is an excellent school district in the neighborhood. This is where there are a number of public schools that are found in the districts such as Chandler Unified Schools district 80, Mesa Unified School District 4, Kyrene Elementary School District 28 and Arizona State Charter School Board.

    The private schools are also available among them being Chandler Christian Schools, New Vistas Academy, Valley Christian High School, Cross Roads Community School and East Valley Jewish Community Center.


    Public high schools are also available in Chandler Unified School District 80. There is the Frye Elementary School, which is located in Folley Memorial Park.


    There is a great requirement for a car in Lantana Ranch especially if there are errands that are to be done far although, the neighborhood is among the most accessible neighborhoods in Chandler with most of the places being a walking distance away from the Ranch.


    The Ranch is minutes away from major shopping centers, restaurants, movie theaters. There are golf courses, which are top notch and are situated approximately four miles from the ranch. There is the great Folley Memorial Park, which offers many fields, basketball courts, swimming pool, areas that can be used for picnics and pavilions.

    There is the 202 freeway, which can take residents half an hour to get to the metro Phoenix area. There are also greenbelts with walking paths, which snake through the Lantana Ranch.

    Dining and Shopping Near Lantana Ranch

    There are no restaurants, bars and coffee shops in the Lantana Ranch but, people can walk to the places outside the ranch.

    In summary, the area is a great place to live as a result of its proximity to main highways, shopping places, quality schools, clean streets and many opportunities for dining and having fun.

    There is a homeowners association, which governs the ranch and charges a minimal fee that contributes to the cleanliness, safety and also the development of the community. Investing in the Ranch home is a good idea because properties in this community always see an appreciation of the homes.

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