Lyons Gate – Gilbert, AZ

    Lyons Gate

    The Lyons Gate community in Gilbert, AZ is a largely residential suburban area located in the state of Arizona and at the crossroads of the Higley and the Ray Roads.

    Housing and commuting

    Lyons Gate - Gilbert, AZ

    The community is highly rich in different style-themed homes and houses to take in families of different sizes. Take a look at homes for sale in Lyons Gate, AZ.

    Being a suburb, house prices are rather cheap and affordable. The level of security is also very high especially since the residents have an established neighborhood watch that works hand in hand with the local police department.

    Since Lyons Gate is located just a couple of minutes away from the main city center where most of the residents work, getting to work is extremely easy and one d doesn’t have to worry about the rush hour traffic.
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    Social amenities and infrastructure of Lyons Gate

    The local administration has made life easier for the residents of Lyons Gate by providing them with the latest and very friendly social amenities and infrastructure. Examples of these include a public service power that serves not just Lyons Gate but the entire area of Arizona, the Salt River project that provides the residents with low cost power and water throughout the year, Southwest gas that serves all of the Lyons Gate households and the Cox communications that’s responsible of providing the residents with both broadband and entertainment services.

    The road network in Lyons Gate is also very well interconnected. Although a greater majority of people use their cars or their motorcycles as their preferred mode of transportation, public transportation in and around Lyons Gate is also available at all times of the day and throughout the week.

    Attractions and things to do

    In total, there are three main community pools to serve the entire Lyons Gate community. Also, there are seven public playgrounds that include several greenbelts, picnic tables and a clubhouse. The playground is occasionally used to host community related events like Halloween parties, Block parties and open air movies.

    A favorite relaxation place for a majority of residents is at the Lyons Gate clubhouse that is the main hub for almost all the activities that take place within the community. The clubhouse is also available for temporary rental when hosting gatherings and parties.

    Lyons Gate further makes a great place to bring up a family for there are various things to do and places to visit within the locality. These include boating, hiking, horse riding, and outdoor recreation as well as sampling some of the world’s finest dishes and gaming activities in some of the top restaurants and casinos within and around the community.

    The education system

    The major leading learning institution in Lyons Gate is the Higley Unified School District. This school has been existence for over 100 years and offers a very safe environment for learning and further offers an all rounded curriculum that incorporates both educational and non curricular activities.

    Other schools within the community also include the Higley Elementary and Middle School. Just a short distance from Lyons Gate is the Edu-Prize; a highly credited and first ever charter school in the entire state of Arizona.

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