Wildfire Insurance: A Primer – Chandler, AZ

    No one living in the Chandler area has no doubt heard about the recent wildfires. They have claimed the lives of many brave local firefighters who tried stop them in their path. The wildfires also caused much damage to some local homes, leaving some homeowners wondering where they will live.

    You might be interested to know that wildfires caused $395 million in damages all across the United States. One of the best things you can do to prepare is to get insurance for your home. If you have never bought this kind of insurance before, read this primer for more information.

    Basic Protection Provided By Insurance

    The main idea behind wildfire insurance is that it can pay for damages that your home has suffered during one of these disasters. You may already have homeowners insurance, but it might not contain provisions for fire damage.

    Check your existing package and talk to your insurance agent. You will want to know what protection you need to make sure your home stays safe. If you do not believe you are currently protected by your insurance, you may need to fix this soon. Talk to a wildfire insurance agent to discover what you could get in terms of coverage.

    Pricing Options For Your Plan

    One thing to realize about wildfire insurance is that it is often priced by the square foot. Insurance for larger homes will typically cost more money in monthly premiums. This is because these homes have more value and can cost more money to repair overall if they are consumed by a wildfire.


    Most people will likely consider these premiums to be worth it though. Wildfire outbreaks occur regularly throughout Arizona. They cost the state’s homeowners $102 million in 2002. A decade later, this trend appears to be poised to repeat itself.

    If you want to stay prepared, you will want to get the maximum amount of coverage that your home will need.

    Additional Coverage For Your Home

    Another option may be insure some of the valuables that are stored within your home. If you take a look at your insurance package, you can find whether or not this is already included. If not, you may want to take a look at the options available to you.

    You may need to have an insurance agent meet with you to itemize some of the coverage. Most people will not want to cover every single item within their home, since this may be too costly to pay for the package.

    However, they will certainly want to insure items that carry a high value. If you have anything like expensive instruments or paintings, you may want to see how these can be covered.

    Utilizing Your Wildfire Insurance

    Finally, you will want to know what to do in case a wildfire does affect your home. If you have coverage, fire damage should activate several different provisions. It may allow your family to stay in a local hotel until the damage can be repaired.

    Most packages will also help to pay for these repairs. You will want to make sure that your agent works with you during this process.

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