Tips for Keeping Summer Pests Under Control

    Summer means many great things to enjoy like out-door get-togethers, barbecues, evening walks when the sun goes down and letting some fresh air inside the house.

    On the downside,  summer also means bugs and if you are not careful you will spend more time keeping up with the ant colony in the front yard then enjoying what summer has to offer, so here are a few tips according to some common summer activities.

    Walkways and Outdoor Areas

    Pest prevention is not just for the indoors of your home, but the outside area as well. The occasional summer storm can cause branches and trees to fall, so be sure to remove them as they attract pests since moist wood is an invitation to infest. Also any tree branches in general which touch the house or ground should be trimmed as they draw ants and termites.

    Another factor to consider is that many insects’ course of flying is directed by the largest source of light, so it is not surprising to see swarms of moths flying outside a lighted doorway. Since moths and June bugs are attracted to light, don’t shut the porch light off but instead change to a yellow tinted bulb which is less of a draw to insects.

    Barbecues and Picnics

    Summertime gathers people outdoors for parties and barbecues, but along with these festivities can bring mosquitoes, houseflies and ants, which can carry diseases or bite. While eating outdoors, keep all food and beverages covered and clean up any spills.


    Pass up on fragrant candles as wasps are attracted to fragrances. Consider removing or draining sources of settled water where the party will be held such as birdbaths, kiddie pools, water toys or garden ponds as mosquitoes breed in still water.


    Regular pool maintenance is crucial to keep pests away so it is important that your pool has the proper chlorine levels as this prevents the growth of algae.

    Change and clean the filters regularly and consider installing a pool cover as this prevents evaporation. Take care to clean up any puddles which have accumulated around a pool area, as mosquitoes breed in shallow water.

    Outdoor Trash

    Be sure the lids on garbage containers are securely shut as this will not only keep the smells in but the dogs, cats, raccoons and other pests away.

    After a bottle or jar is used, clean out the inside and outside to be sure it won’t attract any pests with leftover peanut butter or jelly. Garbage containers should be washed inside and outside monthly (also any recycle containers) using a garden hose and a brush.


    If you don’t have them already, consider having screens installed on windows and doors. It is simple and it works, just regularly check them for any holes. The simplest way to keep pests away from your home is cut back on the reasons why a bug would want to visit, so spending a little time cleaning up there and there can make a huge difference.

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