How To Make Moving With a Pet a Painless Experience

    Moving into a brand new neighborhood can be daunting due to the seemingly endless to do lists to write and errands to run. With a pet added to the mix, things can get even more complex, as nearly all owners consider a pet a part of the family.

    Here are a few tips to keep in mind to get both your and your little (or big) one moved into your new surroundings.

    Using The Bathroom (Dogs) 

    The first order of business should be finding a suitable site where your dog can do his or her business comfortably. If you have a lawn, this is usually the best option as long as it’s alright with whichever family member maintains it.

    Make sure you pick up after him or her, as repeated droppings will deteriorate your lawn and create a sore sight for both you and your neighbors. If you are living in a house or apartment without your own lawn, make sure the grass you let your pet use is not private property.


    Be sure to pick up after your dog on public grass, as it is rude and most likely illegal not to. And don’t worry if your dog takes a little longer than usual to find a good spot; most need extra time to adjust to their new bathroom.

    Neighborhood Watch

    Owning a pet is a responsibility, and even if one takes every precaution possible, incidents and mistakes can still happen.

    Most dogs or cats who wander outside the house usually find their way home with the help of a stranger, but it’s still wise to take extra steps to make sure your pet doesn’t become lost.

    On the same day you introduce yourself to your new neighbors, take your pet along for the trip (Having your cat/dog with you is a great way to break the ice as well). Once your neighbors have a clear idea of what your little one looks like, they are much more likely to give you a ring if they see him/her roaming without a nearby human.

    Make Some New Friends

    Dogs and cats love humans (most of the time), but sometimes it’s just as nice for them to get some contact from members of the same species. Do a quick search online for local parks or areas that are pet friendly.

    Once you find a suitable location, grab some toys and head out one weekend so your little one can make some new friends while you do the same. Local pet owners will be happy to let you in on pet resources that are near your new home, such as veterinarians and shops.

    Moving time for a pet can be both scary and exhilarating. It may take them a while to get acquainted to their new surroundings, but in time they will adjust and be ready to play nonstop. With these tips, you can ensure your furry friend gets settled in safe and sound in your new neighborhood.

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