Five Tips on Home Staging the Right Way

    If you are thinking about selling a home, you may want to consider www. Many people believe that home staging is just a big waste of money to make their home look perfect as if no one were living there. However, this is untrue. Staging has many advantages when going to sell a home.

    When a home is staged, it allows incoming buyers to visualize the home as theirs. Stagers actually make the home depersonalized so that clients that come in to the home can visualize the space as theirs. Staging can be highly expensive but it can also be seen an investment.

    In staging situations, the buyers are more attracted to the home, which could mean a fast sell and a higher payment. Staging in many ways can add value to the home. For example if a couple is looking for a fancy living area, staging can help create that look which helps interests the buyers and can add money value to the property.

    photo_21181_20101001 1: Add the value where it is wanted. Some stagers spend time on areas of the home that some people don’t care for. This is just a waste of time and money. A person should focus on the best parts of the home and emphasize them the most.

    An example would be spending time on staging a closet. People generally don’t care if the closest looks nice, just that it’s big. However, in areas like the living room or bedrooms, staging can add an extra aspect to the area that will attract buyers. Staging can help with adding new space and light into a room.

    2: Take time to research professional staging companies in your area. Getting the right person to do the job is critical. Often going with a more expensive company means their work is higher quality. You don’t want someone with no experience to do the job because often times this is where you’ll spend the big bucks but get little in return. Take your time to do the research so that you don’t make any mistakes in the process of staging your home.

    3: Make sure that the master bedroom appeals to both sexes. Since this is a common area shared by a male and female, you want both to like the room. Try neutral colors and accessories.

    4: Don’t be afraid to invest some extra money into fixing up the place. Consider getting new appliances for the kitchen, you will generally get your money back once the place has sold. Touch up any paint jobs or get the carpet cleaned. Buyers like a clean home that almost feels like new.

    5: Clear out any personal items or clutter. When buyers come into a home, they want to visualize the space as theirs. Anything personal to you may make the buyer feel like it is your home and not theirs. You want the buyers to feel like it is already their home even when it’s not.

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