Drop this House! Five Ways to Sell Your Home Quicker

    Whether you’re living on borrowed time or in the mood for a quick change of pace, selling your home quick requires a little finesse and a handful of patience. Luckily, here are five ways to help ease and expedite the process:

    See the big picture

    It’s safe to say that most potential buyers will start their preliminary searches for homes via the Internet. This is the perfect time for you to bank on the power of high-resolution images of your home. Rich media, like photos and videos, even, are perfect tools to put your property ahead of others. Don’t be shy! Grab a formidable point-and-shoot camera and get to snapping. The more images of your home you have to showcase, the better.


    Simplify, man!

    When trying to part with your home fast, it will serve you to minimize the amount of clutter and furniture you have in your house as soon as possible. Now, this doesn’t mean strip your home and its walls bare, but you should definitely eliminate (read: stow away) anything that might take away from getting to the bottom line of your property. This can include anything from China cabinets and bulky armoires to that American Bald Eagle statue that you “just can’t let go of”.

    Embrace the ‘hard sell’

    There’s nothing that slows the selling process down more than indecisiveness. This is doubly true for anyone trying to sell their home with the quickness. Once you find a price point that you’re comfortable with, stick to it. The more you flip-flop and change your stance, the less confident potential buyers are going to be in your expertise and (more importantly) your home.

    The more, the merrier

    Normally, it’s ill-advised to hold open houses when trying to sell because it tends to make certain potential buyers feel underserviced and left out, but time is of the essence, so open houses are your friend. Not only will you have more eyes on your home, you’ll also have a larger audience to plead your case as to why your home is the best.

    Call in the cavalry

    At the end of the day, being able to sell your home on the fly successfully relies on more than just luck and a few extra skills. There’s a great deal of paperwork involved in the selling process and there’s no one that can handle this and more for you than a skilled real estate agent. The deeper you get into the selling process, the more beneficial is becomes to have a trained and licensed professional on your side.


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