Clear the Clutter to Sell Your Home Quicker

    A home that is free of clutter is much more likely to sell than one that is busy or overly decorative. It does not mean that the homeowners have to be minimalists, but it does mean that the homeowners need to clear some clutter for best results.

    Remove Personal Items

    Even though some personal items may make your home seem cozy, potential buyers are turned off by them. That is because they would prefer to imagine the home with their own family photos and personal belongings instead of yours.

    With that said, be sure to remove family photos, magazines, medicine, and other knick-knacks that might be placed around your home.

    via The bathroom is an important place to check because things like toothbrushes, razors, and other personal care products can be very unappealing to buyers. The kitchen is another place to double check when it comes to removing personal items.

    For instance, take down children’s artwork or report cards from the refrigerator along with any magnets that you may have. The bottom line is that you should try to make the house appear lived in without giving away who lives there.

    Minimize Large Pieces

    Too many large pieces of furniture can make a home look crowded and cluttered. However, most people simply remove or rearrange the furniture without regard to other large pieces that may make a home look a little bit too “lived in”.

    For instance, consider putting exercise equipment into storage as it can make the house look busy and too full. In addition, things like guitars, amplifiers, and musical instruments should be stored somewhere out of the way.

    Keep Everything Organized

    There are so many places within a home that things can appear unorganized. It is vitally important to organize all spaces in which items might appear cluttered. This is particular important with things like closets and cupboards because potential buyers will very likely want to take a quick look inside.

    Too many homeowners make the mistake of shoving their clutter into a closet instead of carefully storing it in boxes, baskets, or bags. A few important places to note include: pantries, bookshelves, bathroom shelves, nightstands, and junk drawers.

    Tidy Up the Whole House

    There is a substantial difference between a “clean” house and a “tidy” one that many homeowners overlook. A clean house is one that has been vacuumed, dusted, etc. while a tidy house is one that does not have items such as toys, clothes, and knick-knacks strewn about the floor and tables.

    In order to reduce clutter, a home should appear neat and tidy so that buyers are not stepping over items such as dog toys or dirty clothes. This is unappealing for buyers to see so be sure to pick everything up off the floor.

    Use the aforementioned tips and your home is likely to be much more appealing to potential buyers. A chaotic or cluttered home is not one in which the average buyer wants to live, but a neat and orderly appearance goes a long way.

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