A Sale for Every Season: Tips on Seasonal Home Selling

    When it comes to selling your home throughout the year, each season comes with its own set of advantages and potential pitfalls. The trick is to know when to pull the trigger, thus maximizing your home’s value once the deal is sealed.

    Selling your home in winter

    Take full advantage of the season

    Although it is wise to take down any religious-based decorations (whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.), you can still be seasonally appropriate by leaving up indoor or outdoor winter arrangements like wreaths, dried flowers or decorative trees and plants.


    Clean house, literally

    Nothing exhibits a better sense of pride for a homeowner than a clean house both inside and out. Schedule a thorough pressure wash to keep windows and sidings squeaky clean. If you live in an area where ice and snow are common, make sure walkways and driveways are cleared before showings. When showing potential buyers in, make sure they either remove their shoes or provide hospital “booties” for them to wear. Paying attention to the sheer details will resonate with buyers.

    Utilize warmth and light

    Let’s face it; unless you live in Tahiti, it gets cold during the winter. Your best bet when showing your house is to take full advantage of natural sunlight and central heat to make the space look and feel as inviting as possible. Open appropriate shutters and curtains according to the time of day and position of the sun to harness as much light possible. If showing at dusk or nightfall, change your thermostat to accommodate the drop in temperature.

    Selling your home in spring

    Put on a coat or two

    As the temperature rises, so does the risk for wear and tear to paint and other protective coatings. This is the perfect time to freshen up your existing exterior color with a fresh coat or two of paint. If your house features surfaces, like brick or vinyl siding, a quick once-over with a pressure washer is in order.

    Get into the spring of things

    Pastel-colored linens, towels and accents allow potential buyers to really get into the spirit of the season. Open windows, light drapes and anything else that lets in that patent spring breeze will help to jolt visitors out of that winter funk. Fresh flowers can also be a plus, but it’s better to err on the side of caution because you may end up with a buyer with allergies.


    Be prepared for anything

    This goes double if you live in a temperate climate. On any given spring day, it can go from 70 degrees and sunny to pouring rain in the blink of an eye. Umbrella bags, all-weather welcome mats and cheap, disposable ponchos are all great supplies to have for potential buyers in the event the weather gets less than savory.

    Selling your home in summer

    Hydrate and rehydrate

    During the summer, temperatures can go through the roof, so making sure potential buyers are well-hydrated will go a long way when trying to close a sale. Fill your kitchen sink with ice and bottled water and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

    Avoid an open house policy

    Open house are disadvantageous this time of year namely because higher temperatures tend to make people less patient towards the pomp and circumstance that comes with an open house. Limiting your intake to one or two potential buyers at a time will make the process much easier on both parties.

    Think of the children

    The summer months usually means summer vacation for kids. This means that potential buyers are going to have their children in tow. Be sure to accentuate any child-friendly features of your property from jungle gyms and tree houses to sandboxes and nearby parks.


    Selling your home in fall

    Rake the leaves

    Sounds simple enough, right? Not only does keeping the yard nice and tidy show potential buyers that you truly care about your home, you greatly reduce the risk of people walking off with nasty critters hat tend to hang out in old leaves which is never a good impression to leave.

    Get cozy …

    Pull out the throw pillows. Light the fireplace. Make your home as inviting and comfortable as you possibly can. The point is to make sure potential buyers feel welcomed and relaxed. The cozier, the better.

    … but not too cozy

    Make sure to de-clutter your home of all things summer. Stow away beach accessories and any furniture that may take up too much space within your home. The more potential buyers are able to move freely throughout the home, the less nerve-wracking you make the home-buying process for them.

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